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Launch of our Sister Charity
21 April, 2020 by

Awesome News! We have a South African sister Charity!

Over the last few years we have focussed our fundraising in the international sphere but as time is moving on and more and more people in South Africa are hearing about what we are doing with the youth in Ermelo interest is growing so we have decided to expand and start fundraising locally as well. 

This is an exciting avenue to follow as it means that the friends that we have made in the area over the last 10 years can really start to impact the growth of Love Africa Youth and increasing our reach. The constitution remains largely the same and we remain closely aligned with Love Africa Youth in Denmark.

It also means that donations can be made directly to the South African Bank account and reduces the foreign exchange fees meaning more of the funds go directly to those who need it.

Our New South African Bank Account Details:

Love Africa Youth

FNB Ermelo

Account Number: 62847860716

Branch Code: 250655


Do Something Great
Love Africa Youth South Africa
[email protected] 21 April, 2020
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