The Building is Underway
the nursery is taking shape
28 June, 2019 by
The Building is Underway
Love Africa Youth

There has been amazing progress

There has been amazing progress the last month with the building of the nursery school for the children of this squatter camp. You may remember that we mentioned that if we can get a nursery school up and running for around nine months the government will begin supporting it with one hot meal a day for the children.

The use of a tractor was donated and the ground has been levelled and the holes for the toilet systems were dug. A concrete truck was brought in and a concrete floor has been laid and the support structure for the walls is in place.

Last week the roof was donated and workers came in to put it up. Usually corrugated iron alone is used as roofing, but as there is no electricity a decision was made to put fibreglass plates on the roof for extra light.

The outer and inner layers of the walls will be made of a kind of clay/cement mix they use but between this are bound hundreds, if not thousands of branches. Workers are out today to begin the task.

We are so excited to be able to bring some hope and joy to this community. To show them that there are people who care and are ready to make a difference. A great big thanks to all who are involved in making this dream to get these children off the streets, fed, clothed and educated a reality.

Women who can read and write in the community have already approached to ask if they could work in the crèche and parents already want to sign their children up.

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The Building is Underway
Love Africa Youth 28 June, 2019
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