Progress with the Nursery School
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28 June, 2019 by
Progress with the Nursery School
Love Africa Youth

Heavy Hearts

It is with great sadness we begin this newsletter as we remember the passing of one of the founders of the Skaaprus Project, my mother, Lorna Campbell. She was such an inspiration as she is greatly missed.

The work of feeding the children of Skaaprus Squatter Camp continues. Before we even arrive with food the children are lined up waiting in anticipation. They have come to know and rely on the old car that drives in with food. As we drive around hooting to call the children that have not lined up yet, they run out onto the sand streets with big smiles and whatever they have been able to find to use as a plate. Not many of the children have shoes, but at least it’s warmer now so they don’t have to brave the cold without enough clothing.

There has been progress with the nursery school. We have been assigned a plot of land and have fenced it in. The ground was very uneven, but the process of levelling it has begun, It is a slow process as it is been down manually with a shovel and pick as it has not been possible to get a tractor to the area. Unfortunately, there are neither many workers, but the people of the community have been assisting when able to do so. The area for the nursery school is ready and the wood has been treated and prepared. In a few days, the actual building begins.

It was such an experience to witness, as we brought all the wooden poles for the building, the children charge the trailer. Children 4-7 years of age climbed in and began helping us to unpack. It was so moving to see a little girl who had lost an arm, but was determined to help.

As we have said before, we say again. This is a new project, but one than has the potential to make a serious impact not only on the 150 children living in Skaaprus but on the whole community as they get involved and as they witness the impact of the project on their children’s lives, giving the children of Skaaprus a chance at a future – a better future.

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Progress with the Nursery School
Love Africa Youth 28 June, 2019
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