Day 1 of School
The Doors are Open
28 June, 2019 by
Day 1 of School
Love Africa Youth

Let the Learning Begin!

The 29th of January was the opening day of the nursery school. Over 120 people of the community met up to learn what the school would offer their children. On Monday morning the 30th January the doors were opened and 30 children aged 2 – 6 were signed up for the first day.

For the past three weeks the children have received two healthy meals a day. Two women from the community have been hired to serve as teachers. They are being trained to give pre-school lessons, play brain stimulating games and teach basic hygiene.

More furniture in the way of tables, cupboards and book-shelves have been donated and a shaded patio is being built this week to protect the children from the harsh summer sun.

The school still needs toys, books and clothing. It is also struggling with the scarcity of water. Bringing clean running water to the children is of the highest priority.

Over the next months we will begin the process of getting all the children registered so that they may receive their vaccines. This will also open the possibility for the children to attend school when they are ready.

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Day 1 of School
Love Africa Youth 28 June, 2019
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