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Supporting projects that uplift disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Africa and that have a direct impact on improving the lives of women and children.

The people of Skaaprus (now Bambanani Village) are living in a situation that is almost impossible to imagine. 

Life is hard in our part of the world. Skaaprus is 6km's from Ermelo CBD tucked almost out of sight on the N2. Nearby work opportunities exist at either the open cast coal mine or the power station another few km's south but these are not abundant and the mines changed hands so often that work if it was available, comes and goes quickly. Families in Skaaprus are often hardest hit with no electricity or running water and no available public services. Before the daycare centre opened parents couldn't work and leave their children in a safe environment whilst they were out looking for work so they would do what they could so that they could scrape together enough to buy food. Skaaprus was, as a result, quite a dangerous place to be and the police were regularly in the area to investigate and arrest people for crimes of theft, disorder and violence.   

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Day Care Centre

In 2011 the community leaders approached Ian and explained that there was nowhere for the preschool children to be looked after when parents needed to go to town to work and look for work. Ian prayed around the situation and was led to build a daycare centre for the pre-school children. The Centre was built by the community and volunteers out of local resources - sticks and mud and opened in early January 2012. 
Since then the Daycare centre has gone from strength to strength.  Food and education (learning through play) are the two main focus points.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
James 1:27 NIV

Small Beginnings

 This year the entry age for the children has been lowered to 2 years in response to the needs of the community. This has increased regular attendance to 43 children.

A BEE partner of Eskom has, this year, donated a pair of prefabricated classrooms to the day centre and a palisade fence has been erected to provide security and safeguarding of the pupils. 

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Today life is still hard for the people in Skaaprus, there is still no electricity, running water or other public services.

The Police don't visit nearly as often as they used to. The community has banded together and helped each other through times of difficulty and crisis. Unemployment remains to be one of the biggest challenges and in connection with Wealth for the People the community is forming a co-operative and creating jobs in farming, trades and retail that will be able to lift the whole community. None of this would be possible without the relationships that Ian has built up through the last decade, and certainly would not be possible without the support of Love Africa Youth supporters.

This is not the end of the story. The Day Care Centre is still in need of your support - maybe now more than ever! The promised funds from the government for the day care centre don't always arrive on time if at all - This year's funds have still not arrived and your kind donations have been paying all of the bills so far. 

How we help the community

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Through the Daycare Centre we are providing a basic introduction to education and English.

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Health & Nutrition

Feeding the children at the daycare centre is crucial to the long-term health of the community.

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With a safe place for children to be looked after parents can go to work without worry.

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Promoting economic sustainability

For the community to thrive in the long term they need to be able to earn and spend within the community.

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Basic Services

Seeking envionmentally sound and resource efficient solutions to building, creating electricity and collecting water.

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Supporting Entrepreneurship

Support for any entrepreneurial enterprise through training, workspace, support, mentorship and eventually microloans.

Give a young person the best possible start in life

Your donation goes directly to the people that need it the very most. 


To date, Vulinqondo Day Care Centre has been blessed with

42 Students now
150 Graduates
5 staff employed
8 Years Service
4 meals a Day

Help us achieve our goals

Your donation will give these children a head start and opportunities that they would not otherwise.

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