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News from Vulinqondo

Sponsor a child

September 2021 — 586 views

A Year Like No Other

In Memory

July 2020 — 1197 views

Fundraising Campaign

July 2020 — 1036 views

Expanding the Love Africa Youth Work

July 2020 — 801 views

Natural Building

July 2020 — 766 views

A Wonderful Surprise!

Love Africa Youth South Africa


A Year to Remember!


July 2019 — 1112 views


Bambanani Village

Reaching out to more

Progress with the Nursery School

Water Pump Project

The Building is Underway

Merry Christmas

The Community Getting Involved

Day 1 of School

About us

Love Africa Youth is an NPO with a base in Denmark and South Africa. We work with communities and daycare centers to support the education and nutrition of some of the most underprivileged children and their families.
We connect with the communities we support on a regular basis and have a very hands on approach.

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