Opening Day for Skaaprus Squatter Camp Nursery School!

Wonderful News

The nursery school is ready to have its opening day the 29th January 2012.

This week the finishing touches will be completed on the building. The outer layer that finishes the outer wall will be done and the windows will be fitted.

A local church in the town of Ermelo called the ‘Dutch Reformed Church, Ermelo East’ has committed to installing a unique dry system toilet (these have been invented as many places don’t have water). They have also committed to sponsoring the daily hot meal for the children.

A social worker in the Ermelo town has provided sleeping mats, and small tables and chairs suitable for kinder garden children. He has also sponsored bags of educational toys.

 A fence has also been donated and will be built before the opening day. This Sunday will be the official opening day and Monday the children may begin to attend.

There is a way to go still. We need to work towards getting a wind pump installed which will provide clean drinking water for the community. The water they walk kilometres to fetch is very polluted. This project is one of the more expensive plans but, pumping clean water from an underground borehole will save lives.

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