The Community Getting Involved
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28 June, 2019 by
The Community Getting Involved
Love Africa Youth

Hard Work!

The goal is to have the opening day for the nursery school the 29th January. The interest and excitement in the

community has been growing. 

20 People arrived at the building site to begin the process of filling the walls. This skill is not easily learned and would have been difficult to complete with help. This ancient traditional African method mixes clay just so that it hardens to a cement-like consistency. The walls look great! Once this has dried and outer smoothing layer is applied. The windows and door have also been installed.

Parents are already approaching us to sign their children up and are even requesting literacy courses for themselves. The atmosphere seems to be filling with hope.

Give a young person the best possible start in life

Your donation goes directly to the people that need it the very most. 

The Community Getting Involved
Love Africa Youth 28 June, 2019
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